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Pyxides are very common ancient vessels,      Many  thanks  to  both  artists,  Elias
          which were used as small containers of jewellery   Christopoulos  and  Manos  Kalamenios  for
          and  other  valuable  objects  or  cosmetics  and     their  fruitful  cooperation,  as  well  as  to
          medicines. Excavations in various Messenian sites   the  archaeologists  Mary  Tsoulakou,  Katerina
          have brought to light  pyxides  dating  from  the   Tzamourani  and  Alexandra  Konstantinidou,
          Prehistoric  to  the  Hellenistic  times;  these  finds   the  civil  engineer  Dimitra  Pikoula,  the
          are nowadays exhibited in the museums and the   conservators  Thanos  Katakos  and  Evgenia
          archaeological  collections  of  Messenia,  while   Spala, the graphic artist Tassos Papadogkonas
          many of them are kept in the archaeological    the  designer  Vicky  Andrianopoulou,  the
          storerooms.                                 electrician George Papanikolaou and the
                 Ilias Christopoulos and Manos Kalamenios   craftsman Giannis Economopoulos who worked
          are two artists, who are inspired by ancient pyxides   with  enthusiasm  and  creativity  on  the
          and  they  create  their  own  interesting  modern   exhibition.
          versions. Their proposal to organise an exhibition of
          their  artworks  in  the Archaeological  Museum  of
          Messenia was eagerly accepted; this is a proposal           Dr. Evangelia Militsi-Kechagia
          meeting  the  objectives  and  priorities  of  the      Archaeologist, Director of the Ephorate of
          Ephorate of Antiquities of Messenia, which opens                 Antiquities of Messenia
          the museums and archaeological sites of its
          responsibility  to  the  modern  artistic  expression.
          This way,  modern  artworks  co-exist  and  interact
          with  their  ancient  counterparts.  The  co-display
          of ancient and modern  pyxides,  supports  this
          interaction  and  presents  the  evolution  and
          function,  as  well  as  the  decoration  of  these
          attractive ancient vessels.

          Ελεφαντοστέινη πυξίδα σε μορφή ομοιώματος πλοιαρίου με ακρόπρωρο σε
          σχήμα  κεφαλής χήνας. Θολωτός τάφος στη θέση «Ράχες» Άνθειας.
          Μυκηναϊκή περίοδος (16ος - 15ος αι. π.Χ.)
          (Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο Μεσσηνίας)
          Ivory pyxis in the form of a boat with a headfigure shaped
          as a goose’s head.  Tholos tomb in “Rahes”, Antheia
          Mycenaean period (16th-15th c. BC)
          (Archaeological Museum of Messenia)
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