Since 2011 until 2015, the Departments of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture carried out a considerable number of significant projects in Messenia that concerned the protection and promotion of the local Cultural Heritage. In total, twenty five conservation, restoration and rehabilitation projects were implemented at an equal number of monuments and archaeological sites in Messenia; the total budget was 21,046,267.00€. Exceptional archaeological sites, such as the Palace of Nestor, the New Archaeological Museum of Pylos, churches, castles, monasteries and towers were mended and restored; hence they offer their own valuable testimony concerning the cultural activities of the Messenians in the long term, since the Early Prehistoric until the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine times. The expenses for the implementation of the projects were provided by the NSRF 2007-2013 and were financed both by Greece and the European Union.


The accomplishment of this painstaking effort became possible thanks to the well coordinated actions of the permanent and under contract personnel of the Departments of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture in Messenia. Archaeologists, architects, civil engineers, restorers, draftsmen, administration officers, accountants, craftsmen and workers gave their best to attain the ambitious goals, which were set in 2011; these goals were successfully achieved in due time, in the context of the Regional Operational Programs of the NSRF.


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